Intermediate Business Analyst

Our company is currently looking for an Intermediate  Business Analyst. We are a team of engineers working on a variety of projects, with clients from South Africa, UK and Australia, based in Agile teams generally off-site from our clients. We work in a range of industries, including:

  • Retail Marketing
  • Packaging and Print
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Tech
  • Banking

Job description 

Engage in client/team communications and management 

  • Communicating with clients around priorities, process education and sign off 
  • Facilitating and leading meetings (Workshops, Stand up, Planning, Demos and Retros) 
  • Assisting in account management and budget discussions 
  • Release management 

Engage in requirement gathering and solution design 

  • Working with clients to help define their business and user requirements 
  • Translate requirements into functional and non-functional specifications for development team 
  • Lead the thinking, analysis and solution design for business problems 
  • Lead domain research and competitor/vendor research 
  • Wireframing and visual designing of requirements 
  • Engaging in design/UI/UX of requirements 
  • Use of BA-related tools, e.g.UML, ERD, Data Dictionary, Balsamiq, Miro 

Engage in the Development process  

  • Oversee and manage Azure DevOps or Jira getting requirements ready for development 
  • Assist in team/client communications around releases and issues 
  • Oversee UAT and PROD releases 
  • Oversee and manage relevant ticket management tool (Jira/DevOps) 
  • Ensuring specifications or stories are ready for development 
  • Maintain and own healthy backlog (Epic, Features and Stories) 
  • Enforcing Agile/Scrum best practice 

Position: Permanent 


Salary: R 30 000 – R 46 000