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Podcast – Let’s Talk About Career Progression

In this episode of Between The Lines, we round up some of the gang at Haefele Software for a candid discussion around progression within our industry.  We chat about our own personal experiences with progression, how we’ve seen other companies approach this topic and some of the problems that we’ve

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Podcast – COVID-19 and The Maker Community’s Response

While we are on lock-down we need to get creative with our facilities, so please excuse the screaming toddlers. Today we chatted to Brent Alexander, a Co-Founder of 3DPSA which is a movement that has managed to mobilize hundreds of 3D printers across the country to print personal protective gear

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Podcast – The Journey So Far

We started a podcast, of course we did. Like all businesses ours is complicated and there is a litany of challenges and victories along the way. We created this podcast to pull back the curtain and share some of the challenges, decisions we face as well as what makes the

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