Network Admin/ DevOps Manager

Our company is currently looking for a Network Admin/DevOps Manager. We are a team of engineers working on a variety of projects, across various industries, with clients from South Africa, UK and Australia, based in Agile teams generally off-site from our clients.

Job description:
Maintaining and driving best practice across 4 areas of central system administration for the business:

  • Network & security management
  • Hardware & profile management
  • Software licensing, i.e. Azure, Office365 etc.
  • DevOps functions

Tasks likely to include, but not limited to:

  • Managing of existing hardware, and purchases of new hardware
  • Managing of network, and network resources (<50 device)
  • Support (Windows/Mac)
  • Maintaining Office 365 accounts
  • Manage and report on Azure costs and permissions
  • Managing of VPN access
  • Driving internal security through company policies
  • Scripting routine functions, e.g. using Powershell
  • Source Control, GIT, TFS
  • Managing our (and client) Azure DevOps and Azure CLI
  • Build and maintain Release Pipelines
  • Build and maintain ARM Templates
  • Assist teams on Release Management

The ideal candidate would be interest in smooth operation of systems, with a strong interest in automation, and avoiding human errors. They will take charge of the operational side of the infrastructure, manage users, equipment and ensuring that developers can stay productive.

The candidate will be adding value in a consulting capacity, helping and guiding development teams in best practices for release management, and operational management of cloud-based products.

Position: Permanent
Available: September/October 2019
Location: Parow, Cape Town

Should you wish to apply, please click on the below link, or send your CV to Monique and Alan on careers@haefelesoftware.com