Software Partnerships

Talented Business Analysis, Development & QA

Our primary goal is to engage in trusted partnerships around software talent – whether it be skilled Business Analysts, Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack Developers, or Functional/Automation QA Engineers.

With our base of talent in South Africa, we present the offshore alternative to the usual suspects in Eastern Europe, India and the Far East.

Specialist in Microsoft & Azure Stacks

As a consultancy, we continue to specialise in Microsoft & Azure to gain a depth and expertise to lead in this, our chosen stack. We maintain Microsoft Gold Partnership and strive for a consistency in quality talent amongst our analysts, full-stack developers and testers alike.

As the technology landscape ever changes, we do engage in adjacent technologies, frameworks and languages that add value to the Microsoft & Azure offering, whether that be in Cloud services (AWS, Google) and other language sets (e.g. TypeScript, Python), although balanced to not be at the expense of our depth in Microsoft & Azure.

Aligned Language, Culture, Time-zone

Many software projects require more than just pairs of hands to perform a task – they require a partnership to interrogate and contribute to solutions on the table, proactively engage and take initiative in solving unexpected challenges. This kind of partnership requires IQ, EQ and true collaboration and sadly, barriers in language, culture and time-zone have a knack for eroding true collaboration.

The art of offshoring in software comes down to striking the balance between affordability (finding resource cheaper than local talent) and collaboration (finding talent who can truly engage as peers to your team). This is undoubtedly a difficult balance to strike, but this is where Haefele Software (and South African talent in general) presents a unique advantage – presenting an improved balance between affordability and collaboration, which most software projects demand, and deserve.

Collaborative Offshoring

Many cross-functional, geographically distributed software teams suffer with issues around process, code quality, output velocity, unhealthy team dynamic, high team churn, or a combination of these. Unfortunately, most of these issues compound the others creating a feedback cycle, but fortunately, many can be resolved through collaboration and working with a partner who has encountered these challenges in various shapes and is proactively engaged with you in building healthy teams with an ever-improving process and stable velocity.

Full-Service or Augmented Teams

Our partnerships often take the shape of a flexible full-service, cross-functional team providing BA, Architecture, Development and QA talent (in a ratio suitable to your project needs), or as a collaborative, augmented team, providing the specific talent or skill missing around your table, whether it be a part or full-time Azure architect, or Automation QA Engineer.

Offshore, Onshore, Hybrid & Travelling Teams

As part of presenting a truly collaborative team for our clients, our offering doesn’t start and end with a purely offshore team. We realise that some projects can greatly benefit from an onshore or hybrid onshore/offshore team most commonly expressed with an onshore Business Analyst able to engage stakeholders onshore (in the UK or Australia for example) while development and testing continue offshore in South Africa. Equally, we often account for members of your offshore team to spend weeks per year with our clients onshore for high-value ramp-up and ever-important team culture alignment.

Experienced Agile Development

All of our projects work towards the Agile methodology, engaging clients in varying industries at varying degrees of Agile maturity. Our SCRUM literate teams have come to enjoy assisting our clients in that journey towards the more iterative process, higher release frequency, and achieving shorter/faster steps towards business value.

Experienced in POC, MVP & Product Development

Along the way, we’ve worked with a number of projects aligned to shorter and sharper deliverable, whether it be an innovative proof-of-concept (POC), helping a client define their most cost-conscious minimum viable product (MVP) and/or ramping up their team to carry their MVP to Phase 1 product development.

Proven Low Developer Churn

Given the increasing tension in supply & demand around software professionals, many clients are directly feeling the impact of this growing developer churn, both in their own in-house teams and in their offshore teams, perpetually dealing with ramp-up and waning developer engagement.

Developer churn is an important metric in your choice of software partner, not just their cost and quality. In fact, the rate of developer churn will drive your partner’s cost and quality – a software partner who cannot minimise developer churn, cannot maintain cost nor quality.

At Haefele, we maintain our team at 95% full-time employees (contracting in only exceptional circumstances) – prioritising stability over revenue – and we are proud that as our team approaches 60 professionals, we record a mere 9 resignations over 14 years.

Why do developers stay at Haefele? Good question. I think there are a number of reasons for this – some rooted in our values, some rooted in our hiring process, and some rooted in internal initiatives – but I’d like to think it’s rooted in our 3-part Why.

Bring talent together, Advance the industry, Be truly collaborative. Which from a developer’s perspective means they get to – Work with talented people, Code it properly, Be heard.