Technical Audits

Independent Insights & Recommendations

Given our experience in a variety of industries, types of software projects and their technical challenges, our clients occasionally lean on us for assistance in a slightly different shape – that of a Technical Audit, often to gain insight and recommendations from an independent, but technically knowledgeable party.

Short & Sharp

Depending on the depth and complexity, these audits may require anything from a few days to a few months to complete, and lean on a single or spread of skills, often involving Business Analysis and Architecture input but equally from other Practice Leads in QA, Back-end, Front-end Development or Office365/PowerApps development etc.


While each report focusses on different aspects of a software challenge, each report aims to provide a view, covering anything noteworthy positive insights (in green) as well as recommendations ranging from Urgent (in red), Caution (in amber), to Suggested (in yellow) to provide a holistic, independent summary.

Types of Reports

There are various purposes and focusses for such reports, a few include:

Due Diligence Reports

Reporting to provide advisory insight into the health, stability and security of a codebase for transactions involving Intellectual Property.

Architecture & Code Audits

Reporting to provide insight and recommendations into the structure, security, performance, testability, extend-ability and suitability of a given architecture, from the coded solution and design patterns used, to 3rd party components and release pipeline, to guide technical decision making around complex refactors, state of technical debt, and/or feasibility for rebuilds.

Team & Process Audits

Reporting to provide insight and recommendations into the health of a given team and process, considering a number of facets from SCRUM/Agile maturity and adoption to team leadership and skillset gaps, from BA quality and story definitions to estimation reliability, and from the QA process to the team’s definition-of-done.