Technical Consulting

Challenges Beyond Code

As we’ve seen with some of our clients, not all software needs point to development resource – and sometimes the partnership is less about writing code, and more about improving the challenges upstream and downstream of that code and adding value in the broader software process.

When it calls for it, we enjoy getting involved alongside your team in technical consulting assignments, whether that be for a few weeks, a few months, or an ongoing addition to your cross-functional teams.

Opportunity & Gap Analysis

Our experienced Business Analysts, with exposure across industries, often work in tandem with client subject matter experts to provide structure and best practice artefacts to scope out your opportunities and gaps, potentially exploring vendors and competitors in your space, all to assist your team to feed into Feasibility studies, Budget calculations and Business cases necessary to support your upcoming projects.

Strategy & Process Consulting

Our experienced senior team and Practice Leads, from covering industries from retail to construction, neuromarketing to financial services, always enjoy engaging in more strategic IT planning whether it be infrastructure, architecture, resourcing, or non-trivial technical decisions e.g. offshore vs. nearshore, outsource vs. inhouse, off-the-shelf vs. bespoke, rebuild vs. refactor and numerous other complexities that come with being a CTO today.

Agile & SCRUM Coaching

From our experience in augmenting numerous functional and dysfunctional teams, our SCRUM certified Business Analysts are well-equipped to engage in Agile, SCRUM and overall process coaching whether it be onshore, offshore or hybrid – not merely by sprouting best practice (which is easy), but by immersing within the team to affect change, embarking on iterative improvements one sprint at a time.

Release, QA & Change Management Consulting

Downstream of code, a lot is often left to be desired. Our experienced Architects, Team, and QA Leads really enjoy the challenge of introducing team-changing improvements around QA strategy, release/pipeline strategy, branching strategy, and environment strategy – again, not merely by sprouting best practice, but by immersing within the team to affect change.

Architecture & Code Oversight

As specialists in the Microsoft stack, our experience can often help short-circuit the expensive school fees a new team in a new stack has to endure. As a result, we occasionally engage in an oversight role to assist with Architecture and Code reviews (whether in architecture, back-end, or front-end code), providing a sense-check and guiding hand directly saving those school fees while indirectly aiding knowledge transfer and mentoring less-experienced developers.