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A problem shared is a problem halved.

A problem shared is a problem halved. We know it can be very difficult to maintain a right-sized, stable team for your need – challenges often call for an extra set of hands, or a skillset missing around the table. We’re well-versed in augmenting dev teams, to bring those extra hands and skills when you need it, and are most effective when able to contribute to output, quality & process to empower the combined team.

A United Pursuit

Software development done right is not just about providing resource. There are plenty outsource software firms who can lease you some bodies.

At Haefele, we operate as a team, providing a more holistic approach towards the outcome our clients are seeking. That starts with providing a well-crafted, well-fitting team for the project at hand, but continues with broader input beyond just the contracted team.

Many cross-functional, geographically distributed software teams suffer with issues around poor process, poor agile application, lacking environments or CI/CD, unhealthy team dynamic, or high team churn, to name a few common issues – all things that often require expertise and effort beyond the few individuals dedicated to the project, and this is where our more holistic approach to software partnership finds value.

While a client may engage us for a small team, our approach gives them access and insight from our entire team, providing every client a level of guidance for process, people, and technical challenges that might be outside the skillset of the immediate team.

South Africa as the sweet spot

Our growing core of talent is based in South Africa, presenting our clients with the stronger offshore alternative to the usual suspects in Eastern Europe, India and the Far East.


South Africa provides a sweet spot for UK offshore development, providing educated and talented tech skills, at cost effective rates – and our clients enjoy teams strongly aligned in Time-zone, Language, and Culture – aspects greatly contributing to team health, knowledge-sharing, communication, and productivity.


Many software projects require more than just pairs of hands to perform a task – they require a collaboration to contribute and interrogate solutions on the table, proactively communicate and take initiative in solving unexpected challenges. This kind of team requires individuals high in IQ & EQ, capable of true collaboration and unfortunately, any barriers in Time-Zone, Language or Culture has a knack for eroding communication and productivity.

Let’s play open cards

We are open & transparent

We don’t hide behind obfuscated or blended rates. Our estimates & rate cards are transparent and granular, calculated by location, discipline, and seniority of each skillset we specialise in.


We don’t strive to be the cheapest outsource development partner – and we aren’t. We strive for speed and best-in-class delivery, managing cost by doing it right the first time and avoiding many of the school fees paid by lesser experienced teams.

Lets work together

Why augment?


Flexible capacity.

Augmenting allows for flexibility in scaling the team up or down faster, especially important in dynamic products or times of peak output and pushy deadlines.

Speed to market.

Adding skilled professionals, many who have worked together already, can increase the overall productivity of a resident team, leading to faster, and higher quality outcomes.

Diverse perspectives.

Augmenting brings in fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and different approaches to problem-solving, leading to more creative solutions and improved decision-making.

Access to best practice.

Augmenting the team provides access to specialized skills and expertise that may not be readily available within the internal team. Additionally, our approach gives our clients access to our entire team for expertise that may not even exist in the augmented team.

Empowered team.

When done right, augmenting with external professionals can see existing team members grow in experience, empowering them in their roles, resulting in a more well-rounded and skilled internal team post-augmentation.

Lower attrition & risk.

Augmenting with the right external professionals can often reduce an internal team’s attrition/churn due to the increase in team engagement, and reduces the risk of any unforeseen challenges or resignations.

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