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We are engineers

As a business, we seek out challenging software problems requiring intelligent business solutions, often partnering with our clients, in the pursuit of high quality engineering at affordable rates.

Our team in South Africa and the United Kingdom work together presenting a joint force to both markets – our UK clients enjoy an affordable, time-zone friendly offshore platform of resource, while our South African clients, mostly SMEs, enjoy enterprise-level development services at competitive rates.

Solution Consulting

Need some advice on a software idea or approach? Need some business requirements refined and documented to get your project to the next level?

Software Development

Need some software built affordably and flexibly? Looking to outsource your development to a partner? Need to boost your team’s Web, Mobile or Integration development expertise?

Project Management

Need your current software team managed? A team to help drive their inputs and quality control their outputs and cost?

Change Management

Need a training & support rollout plan to transition your business through an imminent implementation?

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Honesty & Openness

Our business is built on relationships, and the most rewarding relationships are built on honesty & openness.


We know good software starts with good communication – starting with listening and understanding your business and user challenge.

Responsiveness & Reliability

We know the importance of receiving a competent response swiftly and reliably on issues big or small.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation visit for one of our analysts to listen to your challenges, understand your business and give an immediate steer on your IT options.

Obligation-Free Analysis

No-one likes to be locked in! We believe it’s important to offer our clients competent analysis without the obligation to use our development services.

Flexible Costing

We’re equally innovative with our rates and approach to development, offering different levels of engagement and partnership.

Quality & Innovation

With software and technology constantly advancing it’s important to innovate and strive for the highest quality of development to ensure the greatest chance to keep our clients up-to-date.

Intelligent Business Apps

We specialise in the implementation of intelligent business applications, to provide a fit-for-purpose solution to our clients to address inefficiencies through innovative software.

Integration Specialists

Working with a number of enterprise systems in the UK, we’ve gained valuable experience in API development and systems integrations.

Rapid Development Frameworks

Our rapid development toolkits allow us to take on projects big or small and avoid re-inventing the wheel, meaning shorter development times, meaning more affordable solutions for our clients.

SME Focussed

We have a passion for small to medium enterprises and enjoy bringing our professional expertise in international enterprise systems to the SME owner at affordable rates.

Time-Zone Friendly

For our UK clients, the Cape Town time-zone is ideal! And so is the weather for those “premises inspections”!


Tesco Logo


We provide Tesco with end-to-end technical management of their primary artwork and packaging workflow solution and its integrations, assisting in analysis, design, implementation and support.

We provide Tesco a flexible consulting, development and project management service overseeing their system with professional business analysis and technical, independent advice on all facets from hosting and hardware to user interface design, as well  as offer an independent approach to manage costs, output and performance of other software providers. We develop and maintain their API and system integrations, including a seamless two-way integration with ProofHQ’s platform for review, collaboration and approval of all Tesco’s packaging artwork.

Capitec Bank


We provide Capitec Bank with a team of skilled developers to supplement their on-site key feature teams based in Stellenbosch.

Capitec’s business model is focused on providing a value to its customers by providing low costs, giving customers the freedom to pay as they transact, and by offering the highest interest rate on deposits. Not only is Capitec Bank the fastest growing bank in South Africa but has emerged as the best bank in the world by International banking advisory group Lafferty in its inaugural Bank Quality Rankings in 2016 and 2017.



We assist Fenergo with flexible development capacity in their Research and Development team.

Fenergo’s software solutions enable financial institutions to solve the challenges of end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management processes (from regulatory onboarding, data integration, client and counterparty data management, client lifecycle reviews and remediation all the way to client offboarding etc.) and is fast becoming the industry standard for Client Lifecycle Management.

Biginja logo


We assisted Big Inja Technologies in the analysis, design, architecture and development of their cutting edge product suite for barcode scanning services on mobile devices including BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad, called Big Inja Online.

With some experience in enterprise solutions, we assisted Big Inja in the analysis and architecture for Big Inja Online and its integrations with mobile components. Following on into the development of the initial working phase, we hope to continue a long-term relationship assisting in the introduction of their flagship product to the South African and international market.

Onsiteims logo


We oversee the analysis, design and development of OnSite Control Systems, a leading online and mobile collaboration solution for the construction industry.

Developed for a key construction industry player, OnSiteIMS is a fully-integrated mobile contract management solution to aid Project Managers, Consultants, and Main Contractor management in the control of site activities, actions, instructions and correspondence. This innovative enterprise solution offers unprecedented control over subcontractor performance, budget and delivery schedules, and with seamless, synchronised access via the web, mobile devices as well as complementing desktop applications, the elegant solution saves significant time and money in a complex environment with real challenges.

logo tran background


Haefele Software, in partnership with Set Life, have designed and built the first of a suite of online & mobile apps geared to streamline the film and advertising industry.

Launched in Cape Town, targeting its growing film & commercials industry, Set Life: Art Direct offers an effective and user-friendly platform tailored for art departments and prop sourcing – managing the life cycle of each prop from brief to shoot day to its return. The mobile app allows for prop buyers to rapidly and seamlessly capture photos of props, automatically setting locations and uploading to Set Life’s central database, while the online application is specifically designed for Prop Masters, Costume Designers and Set Decorators to oversee all aspects of the job, curating their growing collection of props all in one place – tackling a number of challenges in briefing, client presentations, crew tracking, photo collating and the complications on shoot day, thus making wrap days easier and more efficient.

Cape Fringe


We assist in the analysis, design and development of the primary factory job and stock control solution for Cape Fringe Manufacturers, a leading quality textile trimmings business in South Africa.

Working closely with Cape Fringe, we documented the requirements, then designed and proposed a solution within days to meet their budget. We developed an enterprise solution with end-to-end Microsoft tools giving a professional platform with the greatest scalability and longevity for ongoing development while only tackling a phase at a time.



We provide Adgistics a flexible, cost-effective platform to extend their London-based team with consulting, development and testing expertise, engaging in both the maintenance of existing client applications, as well as core feature developments on their growing product, Brand Centre.

Working closely with their team to resolve technical challenges and ever-changing requirements around Adgistics’ growing international client base, we present a professional (yet affordable), offshore (yet time-zone friendly) alternative to the increasingly expensive world of software development in London.

Neuroco Logo


We assisted in the analysis, design and development of NeuroTrac, a suite of human physiological data reporting and charting tools.

Working alongside top qualitative researchers, brand managers, and neuro-scientists, NeuroTRAC was developed to analyse human physiological data from multiple subjects exposed to various live stimuli. Initially for EEG and EDR analysis, NeuroTRAC employs cutting-edge neuro-science principles complementing existing hardware, to efficiently map, mathematically analyse, and graphically output results to client-friendly, easily-interpretable formats, saving researchers considerable time and money.

Haefele Software

Meet the team

  • Alan Haefele
    Alan HaefeleSolution Consultant
  • Shahn Middleton
      Shahn MiddletonSystem Architect
    • Guy Coleman
        Guy ColemanSenior Developer
      • Ryan Bowman
          Ryan BowmanProject Manager
        • Clint Hill
            Clint HillLead QA Engineer
          • Matthew Dudley
              Matthew DudleyOperations Manager
            • Monique Barnard
                Monique BarnardTalent & Engagement
              • Jonathan Balmer
                  Jonathan BalmerBusiness Analyst
                • Loyiso Nelani
                    Loyiso NelaniSenior Developer
                  • Davin Kotze
                      Davin KotzeBusiness Analyst
                    • Joe Jonck
                        Joe JonckSenior Developer
                      • Ricky Wilson
                          Ricky WilsonQA Engineer
                        • Harley Ferguson
                            Harley FergusonDeveloper
                          • Rihan Meij
                              Rihan MeijSenior Developer
                            • Andrew Wicks
                                Andrew WicksAnalyst & Change Manager
                              • Lance Bedasie
                                  Lance BedasieDeveloper
                                • Tyler Deacon
                                    Tyler DeaconSupport Consultant & Office Assistant
                                  • Wayne Wilson
                                      Wayne WilsonQA Engineer
                                    • Wade Ferreira
                                        Wade FerreiraDeveloper
                                      • Bodhi Middleton
                                          Bodhi MiddletonScrum Master
                                        • Henry Bartosch
                                            Henry BartoschDeveloper
                                          • Andre Fourie
                                              Andre FourieSenior Developer
                                            • Johan Botha
                                                Johan BothaSenior Developer
                                              • Claud Plaatjies
                                                  Claud PlaatjiesDeveloper
                                                • Danie Strydom
                                                    Danie StrydomSenior Developer
                                                  • Altus Baard
                                                      Altus BaardSenior Developer & Analyst
                                                    • Bradley De Klerk
                                                        Bradley De KlerkSenior Developer
                                                      • Divan Linnow
                                                          Divan LinnowDeveloper
                                                        • Vincent English
                                                            Vincent EnglishDeveloper
                                                          • Zak Brits
                                                              Zak BritsSenior Developer