Outsourced .NET Software Development in South Africa

Why South Africa?

For many software projects across US, UK, European and Australian regions especially, South Africa represents a unique alignment of quality talent, central time-zone, English 1st language, familiar culture, constructive work ethic, and affordability – making it one of the only places where all these important attributes converge.

Complex software projects require more than just pairs of hands to perform a task – they require a partnership to interrogate and contribute to solutions on the table, proactively engage and take initiative in solving unexpected challenges. 

This kind of partnership requires IQ, EQ and true collaboration and sadly, barriers in language, culture and time-zone have a knack for eroding true collaboration.

Why Haefele?

We believe effective software development starts with collaboration. True collaboration. Much like with the creative arts, music and film making, the outlier productions are the result of passionate, specialist professionals collaboratively weaving their expertise together, each sharpening their respective crafts. Software development at its best, is no different.

Our offering

Software Partnerships

Technical Audits

Technical Consulting

How we work

Honesty & Openness

Our business is built on relationships, and the most rewarding relationships are built on honesty & openness. 

SME Focussed

We have a passion for small to medium enterprises and enjoy bringing our professional expertise in international enterprise systems to the SME owner at affordable rates.

Responsiveness & Reliability

We know the importance of receiving a competent response swiftly and reliably on issues big or small.

Collaboration Session

We enjoy offering our free 45-minute collaboration session where part of our team aims to understand your current challenges and to share some of our learnings to help you on your journey.

Obligation-Free Analysis

No-one likes to be locked in! We believe it’s important to offer our clients competent analysis without the obligation to use our development services.

Flexible Costing

We’re equally innovative with our rates and approach to development, offering different levels of engagement and partnership.

Our clients

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Book a 45 minute collaboration session with part of our team.

We’d love to understand your current challenges and share some of our learnings to help you on your journey. Arrange a session with our specialists below.