Outsourced Microsoft Software Development in South Africa

Why South Africa?

For many software projects across US, UK, European and Australian regions especially, South Africa represents a unique alignment of quality talent, central time-zone, English 1st language, familiar culture, constructive work ethic, and affordability – making it one of the only places where all these important attributes converge.

Complex software projects require more than just pairs of hands to perform a task – they require a partnership to interrogate and contribute to solutions on the table, proactively engage and take initiative in solving unexpected challenges. 

This kind of partnership requires IQ, EQ and true collaboration and sadly, barriers in language, culture and time-zone have a knack for eroding true collaboration.

Why Haefele?

We believe effective software development starts with collaboration. True collaboration. Much like with the creative arts, music and film making, the outlier productions are the result of passionate, specialist professionals collaboratively weaving their expertise together, each sharpening their respective crafts. Software development at its best, is no different.

Our clients

How we work

Full-service or Augmented teams

Our partnerships often take the shape of a flexible full-service, cross-functional team providing BA, Architecture, Development and QA talent to deliver on an end-to-end project, or as a collaborative, augmented team, providing just the specific talent or skill missing around your table.

Experienced Agile Development

All our projects work towards the Agile methodology, engaging clients in varying industries at varying degrees of Agile maturity. Our SCRUM literate teams have come to enjoy assisting our clients in that journey towards the more iterative process, higher release frequency, and achieving shorter/faster steps towards business value.

Proven Low Developer

Developer churn is an important metric in your choice of software partner, not just their cost and quality. In fact, the rate of developer churn will drive your partner’s cost and quality – a software partner who cannot minimise developer churn, cannot maintain cost nor quality. We’re proud that as our team approaches 60 professionals, we record a mere 9 resignations over 14 years.

Specialist in Microsoft & Azure Stacks

As the technology landscape ever changes, we do engage in adjacent technologies, frameworks and languages that add value to the Microsoft & Azure offering, whether that be in Cloud services (AWS, Google) and other language sets (e.g. TypeScript, Python), although balanced to not be at the expense of our depth in Microsoft & Azure.

Offshore, Onshore, Hybrid & Travelling Teams

We realise that many projects benefit from an onshore or hybrid onshore/offshore team most expressed with an onshore Business Analyst able to engage stakeholders onshore while development and testing continue offshore in South Africa.

Challenges Beyond

As we’ve seen with some of our clients, not all software needs point to development resource – and sometimes the partnership is less about writing code, and more about improving the challenges upstream and downstream of that code and adding value in the broader software process.

Our offering

Software Partnerships

Technical Audits

Technical Consulting

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