Outsourced .NET Software Development

We are Haefele. We believe effective software development starts with collaboration. True collaboration. Much like with the creative arts, music and film making, the outlier productions are the result of passionate, specialist professionals collaboratively weaving their expertise together, each sharpening their respective crafts. Software development at its best, is no different.

We cultivate and mentor teams of dedicated software professionals, partnering with our clients to provide cohesive, hand-crafted Agile teams covering Scrum Masters, Analysts, Architects, full-stack Developers and Test Engineers, many already practiced alongside each other, driven to solve their next challenging problem, as a team.

As an offshore & offsite development partner to our international and local clients, we often travel between and weave our client teams into our space in Cape Town and Johannesburg – it’s all about collaboration. Our team is your team, and your team awaits.

Our offering

Software Partnerships

  • Talented Business Analysis, Development & QA
  • Augmented & full-service team
  • Onshore, offshore & hybrid teams
  • Specialist in Microsoft & Azure stacks
  • Experienced Agile development

Technical Audits

  • Due Diligence reports
  • Architecture & Code audits
  • Security & Performance audits
  • Team & Process audits
  • Independent insight & recommendations

Technical Consulting

  • Opportunity & Gap analysis
  • Strategy & Process consulting
  • Agile & Scrum coaching
  • Release & Change Management consulting
  • Architecture & Code oversight

How we work

Honesty & Openness

Our business is built on relationships, and the most rewarding relationships are built on honesty & openness.


We know good software starts with good communication – starting with listening and understanding your business and user challenge.

Responsiveness & Reliability

We know the importance of receiving a competent response swiftly and reliably on issues big or small.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation visit for one of our analysts to listen to your challenges, understand your business and give an immediate steer on your IT options.

Obligation-Free Analysis

No-one likes to be locked in! We believe it’s important to offer our clients competent analysis without the obligation to use our development services.

Flexible Costing

We’re equally innovative with our rates and approach to development, offering different levels of engagement and partnership.

Rapid Development Frameworks

Our rapid development toolkits allow us to take on projects big or small and avoid re-inventing the wheel, meaning shorter development times, meaning more affordable solutions for our clients.

SME Focussed

We have a passion for small to medium enterprises and enjoy bringing our professional expertise in international enterprise systems to the SME owner at affordable rates.

Time-Zone Friendly

For our UK clients, the Cape Town time-zone is ideal! And so is the weather for those “premises inspections”!

Our projects

We provide Tesco with end-to-end technical management of their primary artwork and packaging workflow solution and its integrations, assisting in analysis, design, implementation and support.

We provide Tesco a flexible consulting, development and project management service overseeing their system with professional business analysis and technical, independent advice on all facets from hosting and hardware to user interface design, as well as offer an independent approach to manage costs, output and performance of other software providers. 

We develop and maintain their API and system integrations, including a seamless two-way integration with ProofHQ’s platform for review, collaboration and approval of all Tesco’s packaging artwork.

Haefele Software Case Study – Tesco Stores (BAMS).pdf 

We have expanded our client base and now provide robust software systems to the food industry. We understand the logistical and legislative concerns associated with the food system and have assisted Spur Corp in creating a system which meets these concerns. Our team of highly skilled developers and analysts work in tandem with stakeholders to ensure the system is of the best caliber and meets the requirements of a JSE listed company.

Spur Corporation is predominantly a franchisor, leveraging its intellectual property, experience, skills and support infrastructure to manage franchised restaurant operations. The Group aims to strengthen its presence in the various countries it operates in through the development of improved logistics, pricing and raw material efficiencies as well as capitalizing on economies of scale.

We assist Fenergo with flexible development capacity in their Research and Development team.

Fenergo’s software solutions enable financial institutions to solve the challenges of end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management processes (from regulatory onboarding, data integration, client and counterparty data management, client lifecycle reviews and remediation all the way to client offboarding etc.) and is fast becoming the industry standard for Client Lifecycle Management.

By combining our dynamic team of developers, analysts and quality engineers with Simple’s expertise in intelligent marketing activity, we have created an integrated system which stands out as being innovative and unique in their respective segment.

Simple is an intelligent marketing company which operates on a cloud-based platform providing a central workplace and source of truth that empowering marketing teams to have a single perspective across multiple different channels 

Haefele Software has assisted Victoria Asset Management in creating a bespoke system, catering for their unique financial requirements. Using our team of skilled professionals in parallel with the implementation of agile techniques, we have created a dynamic system meeting the stringent requirements of the finance industry.

Victoria Asset Management specializes in the valuation, acquisition, management and servicing of commercial real estate, construction loans and mortgages using their specialized financial systems. Victoria Asset Management also provide loan portfolio management, credit advisory services and performance assessments to banks in Europe.

We oversee the analysis, design and development of OnSite Control Systems, a leading online and mobile collaboration solution for the construction industry.

Developed for a key construction industry player, OnSiteIMS is a fully-integrated mobile contract management solution to aid Project Managers, Consultants, and Main Contractor management in the control of site activities, actions, instructions and correspondence. This innovative enterprise solution offers unprecedented control over subcontractor performance, budget and delivery schedules, and with seamless, synchronised access via the web, mobile devices as well as complementing desktop applications, the elegant solution saves significant time and money in a complex environment with real challenges.

Logistics companies are by their nature complex and touch many different industries. This makes system design an integral part of their business. By providing architecture, development, design and analysis skills we were able to create a custom system which fulfills Hellmann’s requirements in the South African branch.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics provide air, sea and road freight logistics solutions on a global scale to manufacturers, importers and trading companies and have now expanded their services to offer professional solutions of electronic commerce.

We assist De Beers Jewellers in elevating their existing system to be more innovative, efficient and user focused. By providing them with a team of talented individuals, we deliver timely work of a high caliber whilst maintaining a mutualistic relationship with the stakeholders involved.  

De Beers is the world’s leading diamond company with mines in South Africa, Botswana, Canada and Namibia. With its unrivalled expertise across the diamond value chain, they now hold the title of being the worlds largest diamond producer by value.  

We assisted Big Inja Technologies in the analysis, design, architecture and development of their cutting edge product suite for barcode scanning services on mobile devices including BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad, called Big Inja Online.

With some experience in enterprise solutions, we assisted Big Inja in the analysis and architecture for Big Inja Online and its integrations with mobile components. Following on into the development of the initial working phase, we hope to continue a long-term relationship assisting in the introduction of their flagship product to the South African and international market.

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